A short, but sweet ride to school, thanks to Cadbury

In rural areas of Ghana, distance is a barrier that keeps children from attending school. It is common for students to walk 4km one way. Their day, particularly the girls’, begins far earlier than the long walk to school. Girls’ household chores are completed before walking to class, often resulting in missed lessons, lower performance and higher dropout rates.

But thanks to Cadbury, a Mondelez International brand, 12-year-old Portia will no longer be late to school or have tired legs after a long walk. Cadbury, in partnership with World Bicycle Relief, earlier this year distributed 3,000 bicycles to students in rural Ghana. With access to a bicycle, students travel to school in 75% less time, on average, and arrive safely with energy to learn.

The program, modeled after WBR’s Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program (BEEP), distributed 70% of the specially designed Buffalo Bicycles to girls to empower them to reach their full potential.

Cadbury’s donation will also contribute to the well-being of the families within the Ghanaian communities. The program trains 15 local mechanics to service bicycles, creating new employment opportunities in the area.

The corporate partnership between Cadbury and WBR is expanding later in 2017 with an additional 2,000 bicycles distributed to students in Ghana. Mondelez International’s community partnerships demonstrate their strong commitment to philanthropy in action and underscores its commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

“World Bicycle Relief is inspired by the commitment of Cadbury on behalf of students in rural Ghana. The bicycles that Cadbury funded will have an immediate and positive impact on the educational outcomes of these vulnerable students,” said WBR president Dave Neiswander.

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