Bicycle Distribution Report – Chikanda Primary School

In partnership with Die Landpartie

World Bicycle Relief is grateful for the partnership of Die Landpartie in implementing the Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program (BEEP) at Chikanda Primary School in Mumbwa, Zambia. You have helped contribute to the 75 life-changing Buffalo Bicycles distributed at the school, and a path out of poverty for students whose educations were at risk due to long and unsafe walks to school.


The Bicycle Distribution

How Students Were Selected

World Bicycle Relief has trained a Bicycle Supervisory Committee (BSC) made up of local community members who have selected students to receive Buffalo Bicycles. Students were selected based on distance traveled to school and vulnerability criteria created by the BSC.

The Buffalo Bicycle

All bicycles are not created equal. The Buffalo Bicycle is purpose-built for rugged conditions, heavy loads, and daily use by students The students you’ve empowered can now reach school safely and on time. With their bicycles, students have extra time for studies, chores at home and after-school activities. Students also transport family members to health clinics and carry goods like water and grain to and from distant markets with their Buffalo Bicycles.


Distribution day is always an exciting time at our BEEP schools, as the students receive their Buffalo Bicycles and experience the exhilaration of their first rides. Students (and their parents) sign a contract pledging to attend classes regularly and use their Buffalo Bicycles to help their families outside of school. In exchange, Buffalo Bicycles will become students’ property after they graduate.


Investing in women and girls will change the world. Bicycles help them pursue education, healthcare, and livelihoods they need to break the cycle of poverty and thrive. BEEP prioritizes girl students to help ensure that they are not left behind.
Sonia is a grade 8 student at Chikanda Primary School. Her favorite school subject is mathemathics and she dreams of being a doctor one day.
On receiving the Buffalo Bicycle, Sonia said: "Before the bicycle, I walked to school at 5:30 in the morning when it was still dark. I didn't feel safe walking in the dark. With the bicycle, I will start going to school in good time without worrying about my safety."

The 75 Buffalo Bicycles provided to CHIKANDA students ARE ALREADY MAKING a major impact

Since 2020, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have had a profound impact on educational outcomes in the countries where we work.  The Buffalo Bicycles that you provided serve as a vital motivator to keep students in school.

Thank You!
Thank you Die Landpartie for improving the educational outlook of students at Chikanda Primary School in Mumbwa, Zambia. In the coming months, we look forward to sharing the impact of your support for the people of rural Zambia in partnership with World Bicycle Relief.