Bicycle Distribution Report – Mumbwa, Zambia, Education 2022

In partnership with Techbikers, EnjoyYourBike and 24h Rennen Brelinger Berg

In 2022, Techbikers, EnjoyYourBike and 24h Rennen Brelinger Berg joined forces to raise more than 150,000 Euro to help empower the communities of the Mumbwa district in Zambia with bicycles, with a special focus on the education sector. Thanks to the support from the incredible networks from these partners, World Bicycle Relief was able to deliver life-changing Buffalo Bicycles at schools throughout the Mumbwa district and deliver a path out of poverty for students whose educations were at risk due to long and unsafe walks to school.

The bicycle distribution is embedded in our holistic, multi-year „Mobilized Communities“ approach with community-led programming encompassing education, healthcare, livelihoods and conservation.



Student and Mother
Tracy lives in Mumbwa district. As a seventeen-year-old mother, she struggled to commute nearly three hours to and from school, while also being present for her child. With her Buffalo Bicycle, Tracy’s commute is now only an hour and a half. She can get home, see her baby, help with house chores, and study.
Tracy also uses her bicycle to travel to a maternal and child health program 18 kilometers away at the local health clinic. Not only is Tracy’s bicycle supporting her education, but it is also helping to keep her and her baby healthy.


How Students Were Selected

World Bicycle Relief has trained Bicycle Supervisory Committees (BSC) made up of local community members who have selected students to receive Buffalo Bicycles. Students were selected based on distance travelled to school and vulnerability criteria created by the BSC. 

The Buffalo Bicycle

All bicycles are not created equal. The Buffalo Bicycle is purpose-built for rugged conditions, heavy loads, and daily use by students The students you’ve empowered can now reach school safely and on time. With their bicycles, students have extra time for studies, chores at home and after-school activities. Students also transport family members to health clinics and carry goods like water and grain to and from distant markets with their Buffalo Bicycles.


A robust global body of evidence has found that getting girls to enroll in school and keeping them attending for as long as possible is one of most powerful levers for empowering girls, sparking sustainable economic growth, improving health outcomes, and reducing exploitative practices such as child marriage.
Thank You!
Thank you Techbikers, EnjoyYourBike and 24h Rennen Brelinger Berg for helping improve the educational outlook of students in the communities of Mumbwa District, Zambia.