Building a Business on the Back of a Buffalo

Jackton Ochala is one of World Bicycle Relief’s test riders in Kisumu, Kenya. Jackton has been providing invaluable feedback on the Buffalo Bicycle since 2011. In exchange for his work, he is now the proud owner of his own Buffalo Bike which he uses daily in his business as a deliveryman.

Jackton’s delivery route services Nyamasaria, the area surrounding Kisumu, Kenya. He starts his day at 5am when a truck arrives at his central post with fresh bread. Jackton then travels five routes, delivering the bread to local vendors that they then sell at market. During the dry season, Jackton finishes his work around 7:30pm. In the rainy season he finishes as late as 9:30pm.

Jackton says reliability is the name of the game in his business. The bread has to reach his customers in time for them to sell it during the busy hours at market. He explains that since owning the Buffalo Bicycle he has doubled his customer base and increased his income from $6 to $12/day.

This bicycle made me win so many customers because they can see that I can carry a very large load so well….I can reach them and can arrive exactly on time. Others can’t come sometimes because of rain and break downs.

Jackton’s business continues to grow. He now has two employees who also use Buffalo Bicycles, which he purchased to help deliver goods to local sellers.

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