Impact Report 2015

With your support, we have seen how access to basic goods and services increases exponentially with a bicycle. Healthcare workers in Zambia are eliminating malaria. Students in South Africa are getting an education. Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe are improving their livelihood.

Learn how your support is creating impact and momentum through the Power of Bicycles.

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Our Impact in 2015

64,479 Buffalo Bicycles Deployed

For 10 years, World Bicycle Relief has mobilized students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs through large-scale bicycle programs. We have developed an innovative model combining philanthropy with social enterprise. In 2015, we expanded our reach with new education programs in Kenya and Colombia. We also studied the impact of an employee purchase program for Buffalo Bicycles in rural Zambia. The results show increased income and improved productivity for dairy farmers in the region.




37,052 Buffalo Bicycles
Students with bicycles have reduced travel time and improved school results.




13,340 Buffalo Bicycles
Healthcare workers with bicycles can provide better and more frequent care.



Economic development

14,087 Buffalo Bicycles
Entrepreneurs with bicycles carry more goods and earn more income.



Where We Work


impact report 2015


Mobility = Education

Wheels in the Field >> Kenya

Applying lessons learned from our education programs in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, we expanded into Kenya. We partnered with The Ministry of Education and World Vision Kenya to distribute 3,000 bicycles to 22 schools. Now students with bikes arrive at school on time, safe and ready to learn. To keep bicycles rolling and to create jobs, we trained 30 field mechanics – one for every 100 bicycles.




Postobón is using Buffalo Bicycles to improve access to education. Students who received the bicycles have 80% fewer absences.




We partnered with World Vision on Improving Girls’ Access through Transformative Education. Our bikes help girls get to and stay in school.



South Africa & Zambia

Support from UBS Optimus Foundation and WBR donors funded 2,500 bicycles for students in Limpopo Province, South Africa.




To mark its 100th anniversary, ZF began a two-year funding campaign. The program provides bicycles for students in Zambia and South Africa.


Buffalo Bicycle in the field


Mobility = Healthcare

MACEPA >> Zambia

The Malaria Control and Elimination Partnership in Africa (MACEPA) returned in 2015. The program purchased another 680 Buffalo Bicycles for healthcare workers in rural Zambia. Community volunteers use the bicycles to travel from village to village. Their goal: to educate, test and treat every household.




Volunteer healthcare worker, Clive rides his Buffalo Bicycle several kilometers each day to care for the homebound.




Brenda works in Palabana clinic with new mothers who are living with HIV. She counsels them on self-care and treatment options.


Buffalo Bicycle in the field


Mobility = Economic Development

Measuring new economic opportunities for farmers in Zambia.

In a 2015 research study, WBR examined Buffalo Bicycle purchases over a five-year period. We measured their impact on dairy farmer productivity and quality of life. The positive results reinforce our desire to bring the Buffalo Bicycle to more farmers in Zambia and beyond.




Owning a Buffalo Bicycle has helped Enelise build and maintain her family business.



The Buffalo Bicycle

Producing dependable bikes improves access to essential goods and services. Our Buffalo Bicycles help people survive and thrive.



Read these stories and more in our 2015 Impact Report.

See how your efforts are helping individuals, families and entire communities overcome their transportation barriers.

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