2016 Impact Report Webinar

“While we’re always focused on getting more bicycles to those who need it most, we also believe the impact is not just the number of bicycles. It’s about the sustainable impact of those bicycles.” -Dave Neiswander, World Bicycle Relief president

In a recent webinar, World Bicycle Relief President Dave Neiswander discussed the 2016 Impact Report and addressed a series questions from the audience. We covered how World Bicycle Relief continues to create sustainable bicycle infrastructure for those who need it most.

Impact Report webinar at a glance

  • Key highlights of this year’s Impact Report
  • Updates on progress and plans for 2017
  • Where we work, where your donation goes, and how our model multiples your impact
  • Education program
  • Healthcare program
  • Spare parts program
  • Questions and discussion

You can help students maintain reliable transportation in rural Africa while supporting entrepreneurs.

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