2017: Year of the Bicycle

The bicycle continues to shape the world.

Whether you rode your bike as a child, ride to work or you are a weekend warrior in lycra, you likely know that feeling of freedom that comes with a bicycle. In developing countries where distance is a barrier to opportunity and livelihood, bicycles are connecting students to schools, patients to healthcare, and entrepreneurs to markets.

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the bicycle, and World Bicycle Relief wants you to join us in celebrating this milestone. With your support, we have developed the Buffalo Bicycle, a unique and powerful tool that creates sustainable change for people in need.  You can help us show the world The Power of Bicycles.

Our goal over the next ten years is to provide millions of quality bicycles to individuals in developing countries. This is a bold goal and we are committed to making it happen, but we need you.

We believe that mobility is fundamental to breaking the cycle of poverty. With mobility, people are empowered to make new economies and move forward. By providing bicycles and cycling infrastructure, you create opportunity, independence and joy. 

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to speaking louder and clearer with you our donors, fundraisers, and partner organizations.

In 2017, we will utilize emerging technologies to allow you to experience our bicycle distributions as they happen in the field. We will host forums and roundtable discussions, both online and in person, so that we can continue to incorporate your crucial feedback into our global mission. With the data we collect from our programs, we will more deeply explore the bicycle’s lasting effects on transportation, education, healthcare, and economic development.

We believe that all answers are found in the field, so we listen.

Feedback and product development are central to our work. We will continue to adapt and improve our Buffalo Bicycle and programs to meet the needs of those we serve. We will keep you informed about product developments, program innovations and the impact these enhancements have in the lives of the people we serve.

You can make 2017 our most impactful year yet. We want you to be there with us, to see our work and to know that you are making a difference. Mobility is fundamental to development. Bicycles are changing the world.

This is the Year of the Bicycle. Are you with us?


Thank you,
Your Team at World Bicycle Relief


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