Another successful 30 days of biking in 2018

Congratulations to the worldwide 30 Days of Biking community for being part of another successful and impactful month!

Riders around the world rode their bikes this April through rain and snow and hail, uphill and downhill, in kitchens and backyards, in an effort to be part of this global movement on wheels. More than 6,000 riders cheered each other on and persevered!

You also rallied your communities to share the joy of riding with students in rural Zambia, raising funds for 112 life-changing Buffalo Bicycles. Longtime partner Surly Brewing Company again played a big part in the movement this year with a $3,000 match, bringing the fundraising totals to $16,532!

Riders and fundraisers who inspired us


“I’m blessed to be able to ride for fun and exercise. I took on the 30-day World Bicycle Relief challenge as a means to help change lives while having some fun. Riding in eastern Idaho during April is a challenge in itself with the weather most days including snow, sleet, rain, wind and sometimes sunshine. But through it all, the purpose of my rides kept me plowing through.” – John Beller, top fundraiser

BRITTA GAUTHIER“As a physical therapist specializing in the treatment of cyclists and an avid bike commuter, it was a no-brainer to participate in 30DOB and to support the mission of WBR. Our values align— improving access to healthcare and spreading the joy of cycling.” – Britta Gauthier, in Chicago, connecting her career with riding and supporting WBR

Cathy Thunberg“Bikes have always meant a lot to me, but I have never NEEDED one. They have meant freedom as a young person, freedom as a young mom. How much more they must mean to a person who receives a Buffalo Bicycle. Wanting more from the experience, I looked into fundraising for WBR. With family and friends, we purchased two Buffalo Bicycles.” – First-time 30 Days of Biking fundraiser, Cathy Thunberg

30 Days of Biking is a family affair too!

oWEN jOLLY“We, the Jolly Family (Owen, Jay, and Perry) in Wales, all participated in #30daysofbiking to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief, providing rugged, purpose-built bikes to people in rural Africa, including school children, health workers and entrepreneurs.”

It was great see the team participation and challenges this year!

Aaron Hoyle-Katz“Cycling has brought so much good into my life, and when I apply this to rural Africans with far fewer opportunities, it’s hard not to feel inspired. When I created a team with my university’s cycling club, I wanted to spread this inspiration and get more people riding bikes for an amazing cause.” – Aaron Hoyle-Katz, Team Leader for Illini (University of Illinois) Cycling

Team ROTR“We are a group in Rochester, Minn, that love to ride bikes. We created a bike team called TEAM ROTR, and we ride RAGBRAI and all over the country. Our kids see us riding, and we thought (30 Days of Biking) would be a fun thing to try out with kids. The boys on the team challenged the girls on our team, and the girls won. We biked through the snow, cold and gave it out best shot.” – Team ROTR

Many thanks go out to World Bicycle Relief’s fundraisers and donors, to partners like Surly Brewing Company, and to the 30 Days of Biking community lead by fearless leader Patrick Stephenson! Thank you for believing in the Power of Bicycles!

“Every day on a bike is a good day.”

– Patrick Stephenson, Co-Founder of 30 Days of Biking

Let’s keep the momentum going! Continue to share your joy of riding with others by:

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