400,000 Buffalo Bicycles,
and counting

For so many people in rural and developing countries, walking remains the primary mode of transportation.

Limited by distance, students arrive late at school after walking several kilometers. Healthcare workers can reach only a fraction of their patients. Farmers must make multiple trips to bring their products to market.

But, thanks to all of your generous support and contributions, World Bicycle Relief continues to make strides in eliminating the barriers of distance and lack of transportation.

In fact, with your help, we have just reached a new milestone: an astounding 400,000 Buffalo Bicycles distributed in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America since 2005. 

Buffalo Bicycles are more than a mode of transportation. These sturdy machines allow recipients to take control of their lives and achieve dreams they never thought possible. 


See the impact of your work over the past year:

Each of the 400,000 Buffalo Bicycles now in the field, on average, impacts the lives of five people. That’s more than 2 million lives changed.

Thank you for helping mobilize millions with The Power of Bicycle. We can’t wait to celebrate our next milestone with you!

Help keep the momentum going. Make a one-time gift or become a Trailblazer by making a monthly contribution. 


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