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Are you passionate about bicycles and what they can do for others? Learn about Eric Hockman and what drives him to get bikes into the hands of more people. His joy for bicycles has encouraged him to realize his fundraising dream.

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Thinking back nearly five years ago now, I was still working at Ski and Bike Kare in Steamboat Springs, Colo. Brightly colored wax shavings lightly fell to the floor as I pushed my plastic scraper along the base of another pair of skis, watching cars slowly cruise Main street out the tune shop window. Overjoyed that the next bike season was just around the corner, I vividly remember how stoked I was on rekindling my love for the mountain bike. That season was a steep learning curve filled with lots of crashes, cuts, bruises, and sore body parts, but I was consumed by bikes and I didn’t mind the occupational hazards that came along with the sport.

“I wanted to share my excitement with others and to me, that meant getting bikes in the hands of more people. It didn’t have to be a mountain bike or any style of bike in particular. I just wanted to share the joy I found riding on two wheels, even if I wasn’t there to see it.”

Fast forward to 2015. During the span of time leading up to 2015 a lot of change occurred in my life; new jobs in the cycling industry inevitably led me to new friends and relationships, personal growth, and moving around until the thought of packing and unpacking my belongings one more time just seemed downright unbearable. Ultimately, it gave me the tools, experience, and connections required to successfully plan and host the event I had originally dreamed of throwing for World Bicycle Relief (WBR) years ago.

When the idea to throw a fundraising event for WBR first entered my mind, I was so blinded by my enthusiasm that I really had no idea of what was needed to pull off a successful gathering. Many supporters while interested in helping, simply didn’t have the means at the time to support my request for help; I didn’t lose hope, though. It was around three years later when I ran into a WBR representative at a bike shop happy hour in Texas, which re-ignited the flame and set my idea for Brews for Bikes back into motion.

“Putting a bike in the hands of an individual who has little means almost instantly improves the ‰ÛÜquality of life. Transportation from one spot to another is now possible at four times the speed of walking, while carrying loads far heavier than the human body can support can also be accomplished. This, in turn, helps local businesses flourish, getting an education possible, and ultimately helps communities accomplish daily life tasks in a much more efficient manner.”

Last year, with the help of so many great friends and cycling industry connections, I was able to see my vision come to life for an evening filled with so much positive energy. By successfully raising awareness and money, we were able to send 27 bikes to communities in Africa. Brews for Bikes was finally a reality. If you like to drink beer and you like to ride bikes, but most importantly you believe a bicycle is capable of completely changing a life, then Brews for Bikes may be the best event you attend all year.

Building on the momentum that was generated from year one, Brews for Bikes will move from Golden to be hosted in Denver, Colo. for version 2.0, with a mission to send even more bikes to those who need them most. The grand prize for this year’s fundraiser is a different spin on the Buffalo. A sharp looking 54cm Advocate Lorax with custom graphics.

brews for bikes buffalo

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