A River of Force in Leadville

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A River of Force in Leadville 

by Katie Bolling

Two years ago, I shared a story about the Colorado aspens and their intricate root system. Today, my thoughts are on water.

Perhaps it’s the Minnesotan in me, but I’m fascinated by water sources. The words headwaters, confluence and tributaries mean something special to me. As the Indigo Girls share in their song Ghost, The Mississippi’s mighty, it starts in Minnesota at a place that you can walk across with five steps down. I’ve been to that place. A mere trickle flows over stones and opens into a lake. From there, the Mississippi flows for over 2,000 miles becoming more powerful with the tributaries it meets along the way. This river is a testament to what happens when we come together.

This weekend, I’ll join twelve Team World Bicycle Relief riders for the famed Leadville 100 MTB in Colorado high country. Months ago, WBR ambassador and friend, Ted King and I were talking. Ted was excited about the idea of racing Leadville to raise funds for WBR. That excitement inspired others to join us, adding momentum. Several loyal WBR supporters, as well as new friends, grabbed spots on the team. Before we knew it, pros Laurens ten Dam and Joe Dombrowski were on board. SRAM MTB, Cannondale and InGamba came alongside – and in just a few months, what started as a trickle over some stones, has grown into a mighty river.

The race is this weekend. Collectively, so far, this group has funded more than 450 bicycles for individuals and their families in rural Africa. And we’re just getting started!

On our own, we can only go so far. But, when we come together, tributaries join headwaters, momentum is built, and like a river, there’s no stopping the movement. That’s the power of community, united for good.

I invite you to join our fundraising community of more than 3,000 people strong. You can start your fundraiser today and join a global movement of people, changing lives and charting their course with the Power of Bicycles.

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