Announcing Your 2015 Team WBR Ambassadors

World Bicycle Relief is very excited to announce the newest Team WBR Ambassadors! In its third year, the Team WBR Ambassador Program, backed by our amazing sponsors, loads up a select few supporters and athletes with awesome gear and fundraising tools that will help them in their year-long adventure to transform lives through the Power of Bicycles. Each Ambassador is challenged to raise $15,900–a sum that will provide 100 bicycles to students and healthcare workers in rural Africa as well as train ten mechanics to keep bikes up and running. We had an extraordinarily competitive group of applicants which made the decision particularly challenging but we are excited to announce our Team WBR Ambassadors for 2015. Please take a moment to meet each of our new Ambassadors!

ThompsonsTeamWBRAmy, Dave and Rob Thompson, Family Cycling Team Extraordinaire

In 2008, Amy & Dave Thompson’s son, Rob, suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident. After a five-month hospitalization that began with a five-week coma, Rob returned home and wanted one thing — to go on a bike ride. Unable to walk or stand at the time, Rob’s request broke Amy’s heart. But Dave took it as a challenge and began a search for a tandem that he could ride with his son. When the search proved no results, Dave built one — a tricycle that he and Rob power together. Their first ride was one mile. Within a few years, they were regularly riding and went on a 20-mile ride. Last year, the family cycling trio completed a 60-mile ride! Rob, who is still in a wheelchair, is now an avid and successful cyclist. Together, Amy, Dave, and Rob will serve as our first family Team WBR Ambassadors, truly symbolizing the Power of Bicycles.

Brett Levitt, Cyclocross & Distance Cyclist, Advocate for Good


Brett Levitt is a husband, father, business owner, friend and athlete. Always involved in raising awareness for organizations that are working to change people’s lives, such as the National MS Society and the Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation, he’s also become a pro-fundraiser. With a lengthy race list for 2015, Brett knows that sporting his new WBR gear will start conversations where he can share his passion for the life-changing Power of Bicycles. While out on the road, he’s eager to share with other athletes that their sport is more than just recreation — it’s a machine that can change lives and revolutionize communities. Brett’s passion and depth of understanding make him a perfect addition to the Team WBR Ambassadors!

Elden Nelson, Cyclist, Longtime WBR Supporter, A.K.A. The Fat Cyclist

eldenYou’ve probably heard Elden “Fatty” Nelson’s name around the WBR blog before. A huge WBR supporter for the past few years, Fatty has hosted fundraising efforts for WBR through his blog and has seen the Power of Bicycles first-hand on a trip to Zambia. Well-known in the cycling community and with thousands of faithful readers through his blog, Fatty’s commitment to WBR will inspire people to step up their commitment as well. From his readers to all of the cyclists he’ll be around during his year of extensive racing, we are sure that racers, spectators, and his followers will be inspired by Fatty as they learn about the life-changing Power of Bicycles. As a Team WBR Ambassador, Fatty will brings a new wave of WBR fans and supporters.

Leanne Fanoy, Abu-Dhabi based Dutch Triathleteleanne

When 18-year old Leanne Fanoy wrapped up the 2014 school year as an active athlete, she began to wonder about the purpose of all the effort she had put into sport and competition over her teenage years. All the rigorous physical effort and hours and hours of training — what good did it do? At this time of exploration, she came across Mirinda Carfrae, an ardent WBR-supporter and IRONMAN triathlete, and signed up for a race, not with the goal of winning, but with the goal of making a difference. She happened to be able to do both and thus began her relationship with sport as a means to do good, to raise awareness and to share the Power of Bicycles! With a particular interest in education, Leanne was able to raise over 20 bikes in 2014. Leanne will continue to focus on triathlon, eyeing the 70.3 Ironman World Championships. Her dedication and willpower to improve in every aspect of the sport makes her a perfect addition to the Team WBR Ambassadors crew — someone who works hard and excels regardless of the obstacles, sharing the Power of Bicycles all the while.


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