Announcing the Team WBR 2014 Ambassadors

World Bicycle Relief is very excited to announce our second year of the Team WBR Ambassador program! Thanks to our amazing sponsors, this year’s new Ambassadors will be equipped with a bicycle, clothes and a wide array of additional tools that will help them in their year-long adventure to transform lives through the Power of Bicycles. Each Ambassador is challenged to raise $15,900–a sum that will provide 100 bicycles to students and healthcare workers in rural Africa as well as train 10 mechanics to keep bikes up and running. Read more about our awesome Team WBR Ambassadors below!

josh_klineJosh Kline, Mountain Biker & Captain of Team WBR Indiana

Josh Kline, along with his co-Team WBR Indiana members, has already raised $8,000 for WBR over the past few years. An experienced cyclist who races mountain bikes, cyclocross, and time trials, one of Josh’s favorite ways to race is on his WBR Buffalo Bike! Having spent a year in Senegal, Josh saw first hand the challenges that lack of transportation brings in Sub-Saharan Africa. Years later, he discovered WBR’s mission and knew it aligned directly with his passion for education and mobility. One of Josh’s goals for his year as a Team WBR Ambassador is exceeding the fundraising goal of $15,900! He’ll be racing all year long in various disciplines and will be at Red-Bell 100 and the Wrigley Field Road Tour on the Buffalo Bike!

Lisa Nelson, Mountain Biker, Triathelete, Runner, Cyclist, Nurse, & Mom

lisa Lisa Nelson of Alpine, Utah traveled to Zambia on the Africa Rides trip last year and experienced the power of bicycles in communities there. As a nurse, she fully understood the incredible benefit that mobility has for healthcare workers accessing their patients and vice versa. Lisa is ready to share that power with other cyclists, athletes, and communities she encounters. Lisa attributes much of her passion and determination in life to mountain biking–her first race ever was the Leadville 100, known to be an extremely challenging race. Undertrained, underfed, cold, and wet, she still managed to finish the race–an accomplishment that has changed her outlook on everything she does.

As a Team WBR Ambassador, Lisa plans to join forces with her husband, Elden “Fatty” Nelson (aka The Fat Cyclist), to spread awareness and raise funds at their lengthy list of races and events throughout the year.

Steven Burns, Californian Endurance & UltraCycliststevenburns

Steven Burns of Redondo Beach, California learned about World Bicycle Relief at age 53 and immediately kicked his fundraising abilities into gear. Teamed up with his daughter on her cross-country ride just months later, they raised $8,000, exceeding their $5,000 goal. In 2013, Steven raised $11,000 for World Bicycle Relief while training and riding the Furnace Creek 508 for the first time. In 2014, Steven plans to be on his bicycle every single day, carrying the WBR banner all along the way. Steven was first intrigued by WBR’s micro-finance programs. As an entrepreneur himself, he quickly saw the sustainable potential for growth and the ripple effect it creates.

This year, Steven will ride every double century on the California Triple Crown schedule, the Furnace Creek 508 and the Hoodoo 500 as a solo rider, and ultimately ride over 10,000 miles for the Power of Bikes. Meanwhile, Steven’s software company, BQE Software, will be using their creative forces to engage their 300,000 customers as they share Steven’s ventures and WBR’s mission.



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