April Bike Commuters Pledge Support to WBR and Invite You to do the Same


Patrick Stephenson of Minneapolis is the founder of 30 Days of Biking, a pledge to ride your bike every day in April and share your adventures online. In the program’s seventh year, Patrick and his cycling community are riding for a cause, with 30 days of pledges to benefit the work of World Bicycle Relief. 

30 Days of Biking is a volunteer-driven initiative that, through an annual event and an ongoing social media-based community, encourages people around the world to adopt the life-changing benefits of biking every day, and to inspire their friends, family members and unique social circles to ride along with them. They call themselves a community of joyful cyclists, because the happiness of bicycling more than the financial or fitness benefits is what they emphasize.

For every two pledges to ride in April, the crew is donating $1 to World Bicycle Relief. When you sign up and get a friend to sign up, that’s $1 for a good cause, thanks to the sponsorship dollars behind the cause. Patrick expresses why they chose to support WBR:

“We’ve seen how bicycling has changed our lives here in the U.S., because it gives you freedom, self-reliance, reliable, low-cost transportation, fun and so much more. We want to pass that on to the countries in Africa and elsewhere that World Bicycle Relief supports. We … were inspired by how profoundly a bike can help a young girl get to class and turn a two-hour trip into a 45-minute one. The idea that we can help 34 people through a $5,000 donation is so powerful.”

30 Days of Biking wants to inspire people around the world to bike, and to channel the joy and enthusiasm of participants toward World Bicycle Relief to pass the joy of riding onward. The community is completely inclusive  everyone is welcome, not just experienced cyclists or regular bike-commuters. They hope to generate excitement around cycling and the Power of Bicycles every day in April, that will hopefully continue to permeate through the rest of the year. 

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