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WBR BrewsForBikes 2015


Eric Hockman of Golden, Colorado was looking for a cause to support when he learned about World Bicycle Relief. Fixing bikes alongside his friend Muhammad, who had relocated to Seattle from hardship in Africa, Eric decided to host an event to support Muhammad’s friends and family to help improve their day to day lives.

Brews for Bikes is a locally supported project that draws the cycling community together to enjoy some locally brewed beer and live music, all to support The Power of Bicycles. Attendees will also have a chance to take home incredible prizes from local artists and bike shops, plus a chance at a custom built commuter bike in collaboration with Spot Brand bikes! With celebrity bartenders pouring beer for the cause, great music, prizes and a passionate crowd, the night of celebration will transform many lives through the gift of transportation.

While working at the bike shop in Seattle, Eric shares how Muhammad would encourage him during a hard day, with the mantra “Do your best, forget the rest”. This saying has brought clarification to many situations for Eric. Continually inspired by hard workers like Muhammad, Eric now wants to inspire others to do their best not only for themselves but also for those around them. This time around he’s putting forth his best efforts for The Power of Bicycles.

Thanks for doing your best for WBR, Eric & Muhammad!

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