#cb4others: Crankbrothers for Others


In partnership with top athletes, Crankbrothers has launched the Crankbrothers for Others charitable giveback initiative to support bike-related causes around the world.

Participating athletes wear the Crankbrothers temporary tattoo at races, such as the UCI World Cup and use the hastag #cb4others to help raise funds and awareness for a charity of their choice. For each race, Crankbrothers donates $100 to the charity on their behalf and encourages fans to get involved in giving back.

Crankbrothers chose to include WBR as one of the charities because of the good WBR does for the world through the use and love of bicycles. Kellen Trachy, Global Marketing Manager at Crankbrothers explains:

Giving back has always been an important part of our business practices. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with Hans Rey and his Wheels 4 Life charity, and our experience working with him was the inspiration behind this program. Crankbrothers for Others takes this spirit of giving back to a whole new level by partnering with our top athletes to support a variety of charities worldwide.

Pro athlete Anneke Beerten participated in Crankbrothers for Others this year, and expresses why:

“For many years I’ve been connected in some kind of way with WBR program through my sponsors and I’ve always loved what they stand for. Now I have the opportunity to contribute myself trough the Crankbrothers for Others charity. A great program to raise funds and awareness, together we can make a difference and help support the community that has given us so much! I’m looking forward to getting some great results this season and to raise as much money as I can for WBR!”

Crankbrothers has created a landing page at crankbrothers.com/for-others with individual donation pages for each athlete/charity, and real-time progress towards their donation goals.

Participate in Crankbrothers for Others, make donations toward the individual athletes and charities and follow real-time progress >

Find out more about how bicycles change lives >


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