Chris “Shotty” Shotwell Dedicates Final CX Season to WBR

Shotwell CX

Cyclocross enthusiast Chris “Shotty” Shotwell will race his last full Cyclocross season under the banner of World Bicycle Relief, with a goal of raising $7,500. He surpassed his (new) goal of 50 bikes before the new year, making a big push for friends to take advantage of the dollar for dollar match. As an employee of SRAM, he rallied friends and coworkers from around the world to help support his efforts. SRAMmies gave an outpouring of support and donations helping him to reach and surpass his goal.

This 2015/2016 season will be Shotty’s last full cyclocross season that will conclude with Nationals in Asheville, NC, this week. After many decades dedicated to this sport, his shifting priorities created a longing to spend some autumn weekends towards other pursuits. Shotty believes that there is no other bicycle racing discipline that can draw comparisons to Cyclocross, expressing the fundraising campaign will be driven by the community life that the sport creates. 

“As a ‘lifer’ of the cycling industry I’ve been fortunate enough to see firsthand the Power of Bicycles transforming lives and fuelling passion. My contribution to the sport will be to help others realize the Power of Bicycles and assist others who are less fortunate. I couldn’t be more excited to support such a great organization. It’s the cyclocross community that kept me coming back every year so I’m looking forward to watching the community support WBR’s efforts and goals.”

Shotty’s fundraising timespan was extremely short, similar to the typical 45-60 minute cyclocross race, and he hoped the short timeframe would actually create urgency for his donors and help in raising more funds, faster. Running the fundraiser along with the season of giving during the holidays, Shotty quickly surpassed his initial goal, leading him to set a new goal nearly four times greater than his original goal of 15 bikes. In the end, he raised money for more than 56 Buffalo Bikes.

“This fundraising activity has WILDLY surpassed my expectations! I’m having the best CX season that I’ve had in decades with two top-ten age category finishes! It’s been AMAZING and so rewarding to see the cyclocross community, friends and family rally in support of WBR. Maybe I won’t go into retirement…”

Thank you for your support! Good Luck in Asheville, Shotty!

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