Colorado Couple Hosts a Magical Night in the Mountains for WBR

music in the mountains WBR

Sue and Mark Cobb took inspiration from their cycling experience and seeing their daughter grow up to throw a great party to benefit World Bicycle Relief. “Music in the Mountains” for WBR happened on a September evening in the foothills of the Ken Caryl Valley in Colorado where guests enjoyed an intimate concert by folk duo Moors and McCumber. The kids were entertained by a clown who did face painting and the parents got to grab a beer and kick back. Pizza, Chipotle burritos and chili were on the menu. With some giveaways and an auction, the family raised over $1,500 for the Power of Bicycles.

“Empowering people is something we both think is so incredibly important – whereever they live and whoever they are. The fact that World Bicycle Relief empowers people where it is really, really needed rang true for us. Plus, we have a seven year old daughter. And we see the importance of empowering her as she goes out into the world. Raising money for other people (and especially girls) to have better access to education so that they can shine bright in the world is something we believe in our hearts is very, very important.”

An avid and longtime cyclist (and yogi!), Sue personally understands the Power of Bicycles and the refreshment and renewal that cycling can bring, so she loves the idea of that same renewal happening on an even greater scale through World Bicycle Relief’s work.

The first time Sue & Mark have been able to do something like this since they had kids, they totally enjoyed every aspect of the event, from the inspiration to the planning to the timejust standing back and taking it all in. Their daughter, Katie, even stood up and spoke to the crowd of 60 adults and nearly that many kids about WBR.

With their first WBR-supporting event under their belt, the Cobbs are already looking forward to their second annual, knowing the planning will be easier and the event even more enjoyable. 

Way to go, Cobbs, and thanks for your support!

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