5 Employee Engagement Fundraising Ideas

Creative corporate giving programs provide lots of opportunity for engaging employees, attracting investors, improving an organization’s image – and, of course, raising even more money for a charity of choice. Here are five ideas for rallying employees around your next WBR fundraiser!


#1: Host a Fundraising Event

Give your employees a fun, memorable activity to enjoy, with built-in elements of team-building and friendly competition. Your event will be even more meaningful if you can connect it to the cause. Consider sharing the profile of one of WBR’s beneficiaries, like 16-year-old student Aleni, and hosting a walk/run that matches the distance Aleni travels to and from school every day. You could even structure the event so that participants bike one half of Aleni’s total daily commute, so everyone can experience firsthand just how much faster and more comfortable it is to ride.


#2: Incentivize Teams to Fundraise Competitively

If your organization is easily divided up into departments or office locations, you can foster competition between the teams by aggregating team members’ fundraising results. Encourage each team to support its members’ fundraising in a way that suits the personalities and strengths of all individuals. Perhaps your HR department will pledge to ride their bicycles to work each day for a week while your customer service team would prefer to sell tickets to a potluck lunch. Reward the team who raises the most funds with a happy hour, special dinner, or other activity.


#3: Offer Donation Exchanges

Collect donations in exchange for certain office privileges or benefits, such as a casual dress day, prime parking spot, ice cream social, or work from home day. Your organization’s unique culture and business will help you decide what privilege to offer.


#4: Match Gifts

Show your support for employees’ efforts by offering to match whatever they raise or donate. Up the ante by offering a larger match for top fundraisers: perhaps offer to match half of all fundraising up to a certain amount, and then a full 1:1 match for fundraising above that limit. Time-sensitive matching programs can also inspire urgency, so consider publicizing your match for a specific time period only. To demonstrate the value of a matching program, share a visual like the one below that contextualizes the donor’s impact.


#5: Rally Around Specific Days

#GivingTuesday, a global day of giving, is always the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving – and social media has helped it become an incredibly popular day for rallying around philanthropic causes. But it’s not the only holiday that can help you ramp up your fundraising. This year, for example, WBR is celebrating rural Africa’s entrepreneurs on Small Business Saturday®. Your organization may have its own special days that could inspire greater giving – such as a special anniversary or an important milestone event.


Need some more help? No problem! Reach out to us at partners@worldbicyclerelief.org for more ideas.

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