Fat Cyclist’s Grand Slam Top Raffle Winner Grabs His Grand Prize

We’re excited to announce the first raffle winner of the Fat Cyclist’s Grand Slam for Kenya, David Visschedyk! David got a call from Fatty himself and hand-selected his amazing grand prize. Read below for David’s account of the exciting moment.


On Wednesday August 12, I was sitting at my girlfriend’s house when my phone started buzzing with various emails. My friend Barry Cox was in Leadville, Colorado having a bratwurst with Elden “Fatty” Nelson and Team World Bicycle Relief and advised that my name was pulled in some sort of raffle. I immediately called him, and he passed the phone over to Fatty who advised that I was the first name pulled out of the Grand Slam for Kenya raffle.

To say I was excited was an understatement. That said, two things kept me relatively cool. 1) Elden’s voice sounds different on the phone than how I hear it in my head when I read his website. When I read his website, his voice sounds a lot like mine. On the phone, not so much! 2) There were now eight amazing grand prizes that I could choose from, and I had to choose relatively quickly.

With the motto of “go with your gut”, I quickly decided to choose the amazing experience in Italy with InGamba, rather than one of the amazing bikes that were available. It was a tough choice because who wouldn’t want an Ibis Mojo 3, or any S-Works bike? But I had spent a week riding in Bormio last year and loved Italy, so I knew the InGamba trip would be unforgettable.

While I was the winner of the Grand Slam, I think we can all agree that the real winners are the people who will be getting the bikes through the World Bicycle Relief. I know how much a bicycle has meant to me, and I don’t have 1/1000 the challenges that people in Africa do.

When I was eight years old I was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, and my leg was amputated at the knee. As a result, most high impact sports have been a non-starter for me, but I have no difficulties riding a bike. In fact, in 2006 I rode 6,850 kilometers across Canada to raise money for kids with cancer. I was able to raise money for cancer research on a bike, and now bikes are being used to transform the lives of people in Africa. Is there anything a bike can’t do?

I want to thank everyone at World Bicycle Relief for all they do; I want to thank InGamba and all the other sponsors for providing such amazing prices and last but certainly not least I want to thank Elden and Lisa for using their blog to not only entertain us but help change the world!

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