Father/Daughter Duo Raise $8,197 for WBR

Inspired by the liberation that bicycles can deliver, Peter Konrad and his daughter Katie Konrad Moore decided to raise money for and awareness of WBR through a clever, eye-opening fundraiser. By walking Katie’s 12-mile commute in the morning and then riding the same distance back home that evening, both Katie and Peter discovered the tremendous impact that a bicycle can have on an individual’s commute – whether to school or work. And they inspired many of their friends, co-workers, and teammates to do the same.

Peter and Katie

Pedal Anywhere delivered Katie’s and Peter’s bicycles to Katie’s office and even waived the delivery fee in support of their fundraiser. A thunderstorm during the ride home turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the father/daughter duo discovered how much fun it is to ride in the rain. Another cherished memory of the event is of the two of them, hooting and hollering, as they approached the house at the end of the ride.

Thank You Poster (1)

The 24-mile round-trip journey between Seattle and Bellevue inspired 64 donors to give $8,197 to their cause, which was promoted through Facebook and Instagram. “I was struck by how simple and effective a gift of a bicycle can be. It’s empowering to give someone a tool that they can use to save them time and money for years to come,” Katie said. Both father and daughter agree that working as a team to raise money for WBR was an experience that will be one of their all-time favorite memories together.

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