For Bike to Work Week, Get Yourself a New Bike and Jenson USA Will Donate One More


During Bike Month (May 1st-31st) Jenson USA will match every purchase of a Spot Brand bike with the donation of one bicycle to World Bicycle Relief!

For most of the United States, the bicycle is synonymous with freedom and a great weekend ride. For others, it’s a form of transportation and a choice made to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle. For many in rural Africa, the bicycle is so much more – it’s opportunity. It is the chance to get to work, to build a business, to give and get health care, and to receive an education. It is the power to take control of one’s own life. During Bike to Work Week, consider partnering with Jenson USA to empower a new movement of bike commuters through World Bicycle Relief.

The people at Jenson believe that there is a strong link between bicycle commuters worldwide. Giving American bicycle commuters the opportunity to empower a commuter across the world allows customers to participate in growing the sustainability of bike commuting worldwide. Jenson USA CEO Mike Cachat explained:

At Jenson USA, we’ve been cognizant of World Bicycle Relief for some time and we’re honored to have the chance to work with them. We’re inspired by WBR’s efforts to provide livelihood to people through the power of a simple bicycle. To say we’re passionate about what they’re doing and excited to partner with them this December in a one-for-one bicycle donation effort is an understatement.

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