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TriSports is known as an online triathlon equipment shop, but it is more than just that. A company dedicated to sustainability, awesome customer service and giving, they are a new supporter of World Bicycle Relief and are committed to some impressive goals to raise funds and spread awareness about the Power of Bicycles. 

With a goal to sell 150 WBR stem caps, with 100% of proceeds going to WBR and to donate one Buffalo Bike for every two 2016 model year bicycles they sell, Trisports is doing their part to make a difference. They kicked it off by donating five Buffalo Bikes to empower students, health care workers and farmers across the world and are excited about continuing. From now until April 30, head over to TriSports to gear up for your triathlon and get in on the action.

We believe that just one company can inspire change. At, our company culture is bettering our local and global community. World Bicycle Relief is changing people’s lives in these developing nations, one bicycle at a time, and we want to be a part of that change. Seton Claggett, CEO

The crew at TriSports advocate for sustainable business practices and seek out charities that are committed to the same mission, which is precisely why they’re supporting World Bicycle Relief. 

CEO Seton Claggett first learned of WBR by following the organization through social media platforms. It wasn’t long before he proclaimed to his marketing director, “We need to get involved and help World Bicycle Relief. With just one bike‰Û_they’re changing lives! 

World Bicycle Relief is proud to have such a great company spreading awareness for our cause and sharing about the Power of Bicycles. Thank you for your support!

Check out TriSports 2016 Models and your purchase will support WBR’s efforts >


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