Good Luck to Team WBR in Leadville!

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Good luck to Team WBR Leadville from Claire & Katie at World Bicycle Relief!

A group of athletes from around the country came together to raise money and support World Bicycle Relief as they prepared for the grueling Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race this Saturday! To date, they have raised an amount that matches the intensity of the Leadville race — $167,000! Spearheaded by a contest by the Fat Cyclist, this group has already exceeded expectations. 

We want to extend a very special ‘Thank You’ and ‘Good Luck’ to all of the athletes racing for World Bicycle Relief at the Leadville 100. On Saturday, these athletes will be tackling one of the sport’s toughest races. In the months leading up to the Leadville 100, these athletes aimed to raise funds to help mobilize individuals through the Power of Bicycles. From individuals racing their first Leadville 100 to those going after their 18th belt buckle, each athlete has shown their dedication to training and fundraising as they prepare for Saturday morning. Here’s what a few of them had to say about their experience: 

“I’ve really enjoyed raising money for World Bicycle Relief – it’s a great cause that is easy to raise money for as friends and coworkers immediately want to support it when I tell them about it. The slogan ‘The Power of Bicycles’ really speaks to me as I’ve stretched my legs as a cyclist over the past few years, from barely riding a bike to going bike camping and tackling the Leadville 100.” – Eric Nehrlich

“Riding this year for WBR has really put everything into perspective. Those intervals don’t equate to suffering–I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do intervals! It has made me feel like I’m riding for something larger than myself. Every time I put on the jersey to go ride or race, it’s an opportunity to talk to others about WBR and the impact it has by distributing bicycles to those in need. While Leadville was a good goal to have, it helps to have a bigger one to work towards–more bikes in the field!” – Kate Ginsbach

The best part of watching this great group of cyclists support WBR is to see the power of community coming together. From far and wide, people have supported each of these athletes in their efforts to help create change by using their athletic platform to mobilize others.


The entire WBR team would like to wish all of our Team WBR Leadville riders good luck:

Kate Ginsbach 

Eric Nehrlich 

Sarah Barber

Mike Lewis

Tim Rugg

DJ Brooks

Dave Thompson 

David Houston

Elden and Lisa Nelson 

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