How to Join the Fun for National Bike Month

Year of the Bicycle

May is Bike Month

It’s May, and that means it’s National Bike Month in the United States. May is the perfect month to kick off a summer of cycling and fundraising. This year, your participation is really special because 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the bicycle. Celebrate the invention of the bike with World Bicycle Relief’s Year of the Bicycle campaign. You can take part in National Bike Month activities while also building awareness for World Bicycle Relief.


What is National Bike Month?

Established in 1956, National Bike Month celebrates the power of bikes and the many reasons we ride. Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, National Bike Month activities span coast to coast and appeal to a wide variety of riders, from racers to daily commuters.

How to Celebrate Bike Month with World Bicycle Relief

Through World Bicycle Relief, you can bring independence and hope for a brighter future to students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs around the world. To those who experience the barriers of distance on their way to school, healthcare clinics and work, a bicycle is so much more than a mode of transportation. Find out how you can join our #YearOfTheBicycle fundraising effort below.


Fundraise for WBR

Fundraiser Jumping for Joy

Make those miles count! The ways to fundraise for WBR are endless, and National Bike Month is a perfect way to get started. Taking the cycling challenge? Ask your family and friends to donate for every 10 miles you ride. Committing to riding to work or school? Stay motivated with support from your friends and coworkers. We’ve made it easy to get started. Create a fundraising page on our website, and then mobilize your community to support your fundraising efforts. Get started here >


Donate to WBR

Young Mothers in Malawi

What better way to honor your family and friends during National Bike Month than to help a student achieve a dream of graduating; give a farmer a way to bring goods to market; or help a healthcare worker provide care or medicine to a person in need. World Bicycle Relief could not continue to do the work we do without ongoing and generous support from our community. Every donation helps to bring life-changing transportation to someone in need. Donate here >


Spread the Word

Year of the Bicycle Social Kit

Encourage your friends, family and coworkers to join you in National Bike Month activities. Use your social media channels to engage your followers and promote safe cycling through the National Bike Month events in your area. And of course, help World Bicycle Relief spread the message of the Power of Bicycles by using the hashtag #YearOfTheBicycle and #PowerOfBicycles. For photos and suggested messages, visit our online toolkit here >


Connect With Us

We’d love to hear from you! Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know how you celebrate National Bike Month. And don’t forget to smile and wave to other cyclists you pass on the road. Because no matter what type of bike we ride, or how fast or far we ride, we’re all part of the same community who believes in The Power of Bicycles.

What’s happening for National Bike Month?

Here’s the schedule of events and ways you can celebrate National Bike Month (remember to make those miles meaningful with WBR):

National Bike Challenge

From May 1 – September 30

Join the National Cycling Challenge

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? And when it involves riding a bike, count us in. May 1 kicks off the National Bike Challenge, presented by The League of American Bicyclists. Whether you ride hundreds of miles a day or are just starting out, there are many ways to take part. You can join as an individual or sign up as a team by encouraging friends or coworkers to join you. All you have to do is sign up and start riding! Start your World Bicycle Relief fundraiser for the National Bike Challenge here >


Bike to School Day

On May 10

Bike to School

Schools across the country will join together for Bike to School Day. Encouraging kids to ride their bikes promotes healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Plus it’s a great way to spend time together if you ride along with them. What a fun way to start the day! Start your World Bicycle Relief fundraiser for the Walk/Bike to School Day >



On May 12-14

Join Cyclofemme

Celebrate women on bikes with the annual Cyclofemme ride on Mother’s Day weekend in the U.S. The Cyclofemme movement has inspired and empowered thousands of women from more than 40 countries to ride their bikes. For #YearOfTheBicycle, CycloFemme has partnered with World Bicycle Relief to mobilize girls in rural Kenya. From elite racers to recreational cyclists, Cyclofemme is a community where everyone is welcome. To join or find out about our rides in your area, visit our CycloFemme page >


Bike to Work Week

From May 15 – May 19

National Bike to Work Week

National Bike to Work Week is a great way to sneak some exercise into your day, and save money on gas or public transportation. Can’t ride the entire way? If you drive, consider putting your bike in the car and parking a few miles from work. If you take public transportation, perhaps you can get off a few stops earlier and bike the rest of the way! Check the website of your train or bus company for their specific rules for traveling with your bike. Start your World Bicycle Relief fundraiser for Bike to Work Week >


Ride of Silence

On May 17

The Ride of Silence honors those injured or killed while cycling, promotes sharing the road and raises awareness of bicycling safety. Always the third Wednesday in May, this year’s Ride of Silence will take place on May 17 in more than 350 locations worldwide. Cyclists ride in silence, wear helmets, follow the rules of the road, and not exceed 12 mph (20kph). The ride is free to join and open to all levels of cyclists. Start your World Bicycle Relief fundraiser in memory and honor of someone you love >


Bike to Work Day

On May 19

If riding to work for an entire week isn’t possible or you want to show your support for safer biking in your community, join fellow bike commuters on May 19 for Bike to Work Day. For many, bike commuting is a safe, healthy and enjoyable way to get to work. Take advantage of events throughout your city, which may include sponsored pit stops, free breakfast, giveaways, rallies and more. Try it. You may get hooked! Start your World Bicycle Relief fundraiser for Bike to Work Day >



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