Your 2018 Impact Report

2018 Impact Report Webinar from World Bicycle Relief

Thanks to your generosity and commitment in 2018, we have made our greatest strides yet toward mobilizing communities with the power of bicycles.

In communities where Buffalo Bicycles are used by farmers to access markets, by healthcare workers to reach patients and by students to get to school, World Bicycle Relief trains field mechanics and establishes retail shops to ensure their access to spare parts and ongoing maintenance. Facilitating and growing these ecosystems of mobility and sustainability are core to our mission and success.

In 2018, you helped provide 54,896 new Buffalo Bicycles to mobilize students, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs. Read our latest Impact Report to see the progress you’ve made possible.

In this report, you will find:

  • Impact data on the benefits of bicycles in our educational programs
  • Details about our new program improving last-mile community health service delivery
  • A breakdown of why and how we monitor and evaluate our programs

As we work to cross the 500,000-bicycle milestone this year, we know we can’t do it alone.

Thank you for your continued support of World Bicycle Relief. Your belief in The Power of Bicycles made our impact in 2018 possible and will continue to help transform lives well into the future.

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