An Incredible Milestone: One Million for Fatty and Friends

Today, all of us at WBR are excited to share and celebrate an unprecedented milestone in our organization’s history. Elden Nelson, a prolific blogger also known as The Fat Cyclist, is our first fundraiser to raise $1,000,000 through ambitious efforts spanning eight years.

“Fatty has helped bring our work to life by sharing it with thousands of people who will most likely never meet the people whom their generosity is impacting. Yet Elden and his community have consistently shown up to give, share, ride and represent. This is what makes the Fat Cyclist community legendary; they really bring the Power of Bicycles to life. Congratulations to Fatty and his community on this epic milestone.”

-Katie Bolling, Development Director at World Bicycle Relief.

The Fat Cyclist’s efforts for WBR started in 2009. Since then, he has rallied his community around our work through a combination of bratwurst cookouts, book fundraisers, gathering with Friends of Fatty for destination events, and even leading a parade or two for World Bicycle Relief at Rebecca Rusch’s annual ride in Idaho (which has become a reunion spot for the Fat Cyclist + WBR community). Fatty generated a ton of enthusiasm and participation in his annual prize contests, with prizes generously provided by bicycling organizations such as Trek, Specialized, InGamba, ENVE, Ibis, and SRAM. His leadership within the Fat Cyclist community has also inspired others to get more involved with World Bicycle Relief, strengthening the community and creating a deeper sense of WBR enthusiasm within the group.

“As Fatty himself will tell you, he has a few superpowers. He’s just trying to be funny, but I think raising $1,000,000 for WBR is truly evidence of a superpower at work. He’s an inspiration to all that know him, ride with him, or even just read his work. I’m truly proud to call myself a Friend of Fatty.”

-Carlos Perea, Friend of Fatty and 2016 Team WBR Ambassador

Elden, his wife, Lisa, and a few of their children had the opportunity to travel to Zambia in 2012 to experience our work in person. Seeing the impact of their fundraising efforts strengthened Elden’s commitment to WBR. With a shared passion for our programs dedicated to mobilizing healthcare workers, both Lisa and Elden took official turns as Team WBR ambassadors, racing in World Bicycle Relief kits in 2014 and 2015 and spearheading a significant awareness campaign for our work.

We asked Fatty for his thoughts on reaching this milestone and he offered this:

“Imagine having readers who are so kind and generous that year after year they consistently donate what they can to a cause that matters to all of us. I feel like I’m the luckiest blogger in the world.”

Be a part of Fatty’s epic achievement and support his 2016 fundraiser today.



Elden at a bicycle distribution in Zambia, 2012.



Elden hosting a fundraiser at the Leadville MTB 100, 2015.


Elden at our Africa in Moab trip, 2013.


Inspired to embark on your fundraising journey to empower people with bicycles? WBR supporters have developed many successful, inventive fundraising programs to bring The Power of Bicycles to those who need it. For inspiration and guidance, read more about our passionate community, check out our fundraising toolkit and start your own fundraiser today.


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