Your Guide to Winter Riding & Training

If ice and snow derail your winter riding and training plans, consider going indoors this year! Indoor training has come a long way recently, with tech-savvy trainers and awesome training applications making the experience more seamless and exciting than ever.


For the ultimate indoor ride, we recommend investing in a smart trainer. Smart trainers give you more control over your riding experience with a range of resistance options at every speed and real-time simulation of your virtual course’s grade. Smart trainers also make it possible to run drills and track important metrics like pedal stroke and pedal efficiency.

Pairing your smart trainer with a virtual training application completes the indoor training experience. Here at WBR, Zwift is our go-to training game. Zwift translates your real-world effort into speed in the virtual world and offers awesome landscapes, group rides, and structured workouts. Your power, measured by the watts you produce, will propel your bicycle through the digital landscape. While you ride, you can also interact with riders from around the world!

To get on Zwift, you’ll first need to get the right equipment. If you don’t own a trainer package yet or need help setting yours up, CycleOps has everything you need. Check out CycleOps’ trainers here.

Got your gear? You can get on Zwift in three easy steps:

  1. Download the game. Go to and install the game for Windows, Mac, or iOS.
  2. Follow the steps to create an account. Enter accurate information to ensure that your hard work on the bike translates accurately in Zwift’s digital landscape.
  3. Pair your devices. You can pair a smart trainer, speed/cadence sensor or power meter. Using zPower? Pair your speed sensor first, then choose your classic trainer. For detailed instructions on how to pair your devices, check out this video from Zwift.

Ready to ride? Join us for the 4th Annual Ride On for WBR from Nov. 26 to Dec. 1. You will join the world’s largest cycling community to help change lives through The Power of Bicycles. You will take turns leading the virtual pack to raise awareness for World Bicycle Relief and help mobilize students to reach their education. Set your goal and join the community that has helped raise over $400,000 since 2015. Many thanks to CycleOps, our Official Trainer Partner for this year’s Ride On for WBR!

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