Indy 500 Champion Raising Funds for 100 Bicycles in Colombia


Juan Pablo Montoya celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500 by making an impact off the track. His foundation Formula Smiles partnered with PostobÌ_n and World Bicycle Relief to do good. The hope is to raise awareness among Montoya fans and race enthusiasts and to fund 100 bicycles for students in Colombia. To rally supporters, Juan Pablo Montoya has pledged to match the first 100 bicycles.

The 100th running of the Indy 500 is a special event. To celebrate this milestone and to add to its significance, I wanted to make an impact off the track. Through my foundation, Formula Smiles, we have partnered with World Bicycle Relief and Postobon to raise funds for 100 bicycles for students in Colombia through the Mi Bici program. I invite everyone to support our efforts to ensure that more Colombian children have fewer obstacles to overcome and they are better equipped to access an education. Juan Pablo Montoya.

In Colombia, distance prevents children from attending school. After walking long distances, students are often tired and their academic performance suffers. With a reliable bicycle, student attendance and academic performance improve.

Mi Bici distributes bicycles to Colombian students to improve education quality and student performance. Through high-impact innovative solutions, PostobÌ_n’s Mi Bici contributes to Colombia’s development. Formula Smiles and PostobÌ_n have partnered with World Bicycle Relief to deliver the bicycles.


In addition to racing the Indy 500, Juan Pablo Montoya will host a Fast Lap competition at K1 Speed in Indianapolis during May. Participants can race against Montoya for a chance to join him at a K1 fundraising event on May 24th.

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About Formula Smiles Foundation:
Formula Smiles provides life-changing tools to improve the quality of life for Colombian children.

About Postobon:
Postobon is the largest non-alcoholic beverage company in Colombia. Their Uno mas Todos sustainability program helps to improve lives.

About Mi Bici Program:
Mi Bici, part of the Uno mas Todos initiative, uses bicycles to improve education quality and performance for students in rural Colombia. 


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