Jordan Rapp Reaches $.5MM Raised

Jordan Rapp is the 2011 ITU Long Distance Triathlon world champion and a longtime World Bicycle Relief ambassador. Today, we celebrate his epic achievement of raising more than $500,000 to help fund our programs. Jordan’s journey with WBR began in 2009 when he kicked off his first Rappstar Charity Challenge after learning about our work at Interbike. Since then, Jordan’s annual efforts for WBR have included contests, coast-to-coast dinners, sharing our work at his races and raising awareness of The Power of Bicycles through the platform.

You can learn more about Jordan’s 2016 efforts here and be part of his expanding commitment and impact to our work.

“Many lives have been touched by Jordan Rapp’s generosity of spirit. I am awed and humbled that he has used his platform for creating such a powerful beginning for others. Jordan is an inspiration to us all.” FK Day, Founder of World Bicycle Relief

Take a look back at our journey with Jordan over the years:

Jordan Rapp triumphs at the 2012 Ironman U.S. Championships on August 11, in NY, New York.


Celebrating the 5th Annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge with Jordan in Kona, October 2013.



Jordan’s 2015 fundraising dinner at Pedaler’s Fork, Calabasas, CA.


The fundraising dinner on December 4, 2016, pushed Jordan over the $500,000 raised mark.


Inspired to embark on your fundraising journey to empower people with bicycles? WBR supporters have developed many successful, inventive fundraising programs to bring The Power of Bicycles to those who need it. For inspiration and guidance, read more about our passionate community, check out our fundraising toolkit and start your own fundraiser today.


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