Levi’s Gran Fondo: Register Now


World Bicycle Relief is honored to be a beneficiary of the 2016 Levi’s Gran Fondo, where they will be making a $5,000 direct contribution to our cause. In addition, between now and March 27th, 25% of registration fees will also benefit our work. Follow the instructions below so you can show your support for the Power of Bicycles and Levi’s Gran Fondo!

  • Register here >
  • Under the Access Code Box, before you select a category enter in this code: WBR1
  • 25% of registration fees will go to WBR and you will have the option to make an additional donation. To do this, click the ‘Donate’ box near the end of the check-out process to support the King Ridge Foundation. 50% of that donation will be used to purchase a bike for World Bicycle Relief.
  • Be one of the first 25 people to sign up and Levi’s Gran Fondo will send you a two week supply of Taylor Maid Farms organic coffee!
Promotion will run through March 27, 2016.
Up to 8,000 riders participate in Levi’s Gran Fondo each year! Register today and show your support for the Power of Bicycles!


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