Making a Difference Through Leadership

The inaugural Gail Kelly Making A Difference Leadership Award is an empowering and unique scholarship offered to Year 11 at Ravenswood School for Girls in Gordon. It has allowed Elisabeth Woodcock, and young women like her, to support and raise awareness of various social justice issues, as well as express our passion for contributing to global change.


Ravenswood Principal Mrs Anne Johnstone (left), Mrs Gail Kelly (center), Elisabeth Woodcock (right).


The application process consisted of a written application, and for the final candidates and presenting a philanthropic investment proposal in front of Gail Kelly, “which was an incredibly inspiring experience.” Elisabeth shared. “After hearing a radio interview with World Bicycle Relief, and researching the issues that the organisation addresses, I became passionate about using the scholarship award to purchase bicycles for young people in sub-Saharan Africa.”

“I feel extraordinarily privileged to be receiving this award for World Bicycle Relief. As a student, I am excited that the bicycles will be helping young girls my age access education, and will further assist in economic development and healthcare. There is no doubt that this inspiring work has allowed thousands to rise above barriers, and ride together towards their futures, I can’t wait to continue working with this organisation.”

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