Mechanics of Mobility

“If a bicycle can be that useful in a place where there is no transport, it becomes useless if the bicycle you have can only last 90 days.”
-Brian Moonga, World Bicycle Relief Country Director, Zambia

World Bicycle Relief’s field mechanics are essential to our programs’ sustainability and success. To ensure that Buffalo Bicycles stay on the road, we train one mechanic for every 50-100 bicycles distributed through our philanthropic programs. Our five-day training program ensures our mechanics are prepared for real-life situations. Repairs, troubleshooting, building a Buffalo Bicycle from scratch, and customer service skills – our field mechanics training program covers it all.

With new toolkits and uniforms in hand, our mechanics go out into the field, where they become our ambassadors while building their own new economic opportunities. Because field mechanics serve students in rural areas that other World Bicycle Relief employees cannot regularly access, they create a network that helps inform World Bicycle Relief about regional needs. Their routine maintenance service helps prevent breakdowns, keeping our bikes rolling for years to come.

Our Field Mechanics Program at a Glance

  • Essential to the sustainability of World Bicycle Relief’s programs
  • Provides bicycle recipients with access to maintenance and spare parts
  • 2,200+ field mechanics trained to date
  • 1 field mechanic trained for every 50-100 Buffalo Bicycles distributed
  • Provides substantial new revenue for mechanics
  • A $50 donation provides a mechanic with the tools and training they need to support an entire community.

You can help students maintain reliable transportation in rural Africa while supporting entrepreneurs. Donate today and you’ll provide an essential toolkit and training to our next field mechanic.

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