Meet our Trailblazers

Our Trailblazers are passionate supporters who have committed to a recurring monthly gift for World Bicycle Relief. By giving monthly, Trailblazers allow us to plan better, work more efficiently, and make every dollar stretch further. Read on to find out why these Trailblazers have decided to make the biggest impact possible for individuals and communities.

Adam Saban – Chicago, Ill.

adam saban

“Being an advocate for World Bicycle Relief the past three years has allowed me to share my passion for bikes with people all around the world who rely on the gift of two-wheeled transportation to survive. When WBR implemented the Trailblazers program, giving donors the choice of recurring monthly contributions, I immediately embraced the option. For me, giving to others has always come naturally. And through the Trailblazers recurring donation program, I’ve been able to lead my World Bicycle Relief fundraising campaign by example – one bicycle at a time.”

Anna Gurnhill – Canberra, Australia

Anna Gurnhill

“As an Ironman athlete, I appreciate a long-term vision. I need to work every day for an extensive period of time to achieve extraordinary results. Becoming a Trailblazer for World Bicycle Relief, I will help to achieve extraordinary results with my recurring donations.”

Lori Schryer – San Francisco, Calif.


“I decided to be a recurring WBR donor because it’s easy for me to make a monthly automatic donation that is modest relative to my overall monthly expenses but adds up to a meaningful amount over time. I like not having to think about when and how much to donate, and I know the regular stream of income is helpful to WBR for planning and cash-flow purposes. Because the donation is funded in relatively small monthly increments, I never for a moment question whether I can afford it.

I believe in WBR’s mission and love supporting an organization that allows me to personally and directly make a positive difference in someone’s life. When I see the photos and videos of WBR’s work, I know that someone — some specific real person like Ramadhan — has a better life because of a bicycle I helped provide.

If you are reading this and thinking of donating online, I recommend you look over your total monthly expenditures and ask yourself, “Can I afford another small monthly expense, one that will have virtually no impact on my monthly budget or other spending choices but will directly dramatically improve the life of someone less fortunate than me?”  If you do donate, I think you will find that the good feeling you get each month when you see that WBR deduction is well worth the cost.”

Colin McLelland – Manly, NSW, Australia


“I’m a Trailblazer because I know regular, reliable donations are more useful. I’m a member of a volunteer-run online bike discussion board. They asked for donations to cover costs and essentially said, “if you can afford it, $150 a year is great, but not as awesome as a regular $10 per month would be. Less can be more.

I’m like everyone else. Donations happen in a rush at tax time when you realise you’ve forgotten it that year. Regular monthly donations are just easier. The fact that they are more useful makes us both happy! I love World Bicycle Relief’s work.”

Andy Paskins – Indianapolis, Ind.

Andy Paskins

“Our monthly contribution to World Bicycle Relief is driven by our compassion for people and our belief in the personal empowerment that WBR provides through bicycles. We recognize that the needs fulfilled by WBR are ongoing and we wanted to match our support with those ongoing needs.”

Stephen Litterick – Eltham, Victoria, Australia

stephen litterick

“I’m happy to be a Trailblazer. I think what World Bicycle Relief does is amazing. I’m a keen cyclist and being able to ride my bike for pleasure and commuting has been a life definer for me. So I can only begin to imagine the difference a bike makes to people is real need.”


Make your biggest, most sustainable impact and become a Trailblazer today. Join our community of recurring givers and your first month’s donation will get a 1:1 match!

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