A new milestone:
350,000 bikes distributed

Your impact this May has been tremendous. Thanks to you, we are celebrating an incredible milestone: more than 350,000 bicycles distributed! Since World Bicycle Relief’s inception in 2005, you have generously contributed to 350,067 bikes in the field. In the hands of students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs, these bicycles are changing the world.

A Buffalo Bicycle is more than a simple mode of transportation. It’s a tool of empowerment, mobilizing people to create their own opportunities. By supporting WBR, you enrich the lives of children, their families and their entire communities.

Distribution Day at Orando Secondary School in Kisumu County, Kenya.

Your Impact in Kenya

At Orando Secondary School, its third Distribution Day was every bit as joyful as its first. On May 23, 70 Buffalo Bicycles were distributed at the school in Kisumu, Kenya, adding to the 130 already in use by students. The community celebrated with prayers of thanks, performances, signing of contracts and a speech by deputy principal Vivianne Ochieng.

“The bicycles are supposed to give the students, especially the girls, a sense of ownership,” Ms. Ochieng says. “This is supposed to boost (the girls’) esteem to know that they can also own property, take care of property and manage them. Let us celebrate and appreciate.”

Amid the celebration, however, there’s still work left to be done. Many children in rural Africa must travel miles each way to school. Healthcare workers’ visits are limited by distance. Livelihoods depend on the ability to deliver more goods frequently.

You can help us keep the momentum going. Aim for the next milestone by helping people thrive through the Power of Bicycles:

Empower more students with life-changing transportation.

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