Perimeter creating Change through Design, Construction and the Bicycle

John Issa and Branyo Dvorak love riding their bikes. They’re avid triathletes and cyclists, and their passion also is reflected in their work as principals at Perimeter Architects & Construction.

Perimeter, based in Chicago, focuses on designing and constructing developments within the health and wellness markets. Projects include healthcare clinics, athletic clubs and sports medicine facilities. And its “We Ride” program encourages team members to ride to and from job sites, as well as give back to the local and global community.

As part of the “We Ride” program, Perimeter has generously committed to donate 1% of its annual construction profits to World Bicycle Relief.

Earlier this year, John and Branyo visited WBR’s Chicago office to meet the team, learn more about WBR’s impact in the field and discuss details of the partnership.

“As an avid cyclist, I was immediately drawn to World Bicycle Relief’s beautiful and powerfully low-tech approach to a global challenge,” John said.

WBR is thrilled to team up with Perimeter to share the Power of Bicycles both locally and globally.

“WBR’s work has a simple and powerful connection with those who love riding,” says WBR’s US Partnerships and Fundraising Manager Mary Beth Johnson. “But what makes this partnership unique is that Perimeter’s approach to efficient and transformational design is also in line with WBR’s approach to the thoughtful and innovative design behind the Buffalo Bicycle. It’s interesting to see how our work intersects!”

“The relationship was a win win. We like to ride our bikes, and in the end, we can give back to people that ‘need’ to ride theirs,” Branyo says.

This partnership is a great example of how local businesses can team-up with World Bicycle Relief to create meaningful impact in the field. If your business is interested in the Power of Bicycles and partnering with WBR, please reach out to

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