Racing the Sun with Zwift on World Bicycle Day

In celebration of World Bicycle Day, thousands of cyclists across the globe are joining forces for a series of events on Zwift to “Race the Sun” – highlighting the race that millions of people in developing countries face every day on foot. 

Participants are encouraged to donate any amount to provide life-changing bicycles to students in rural Africa, who often walk 10 km each day in order to get to school.

To spur support, Zwift has pledged to match the first $25K in donations raised. And, Saris is kicking things off with a $5k gift. Your support will help mobilize more students trying to reach their education and a brighter future. You can donate here.


Participants in the Zwift events will also have the opportunity to win a Saris H2 Trainer, a Saris M2 Trainer, or a SRAM Force AXS groupset. Rides will be led by Eric Minn, CEO of Zwift, Jordan Rapp, Kristin Armstrong, and more from Clubs on Zwift hoping to share their passion for pedaling for progress and hope.

“I’m really excited to have another opportunity to lead a World Bicycle Relief ride on Zwift”, says Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder. “WBR’s mission is to help mobilise communities in the developing world by supplying them with rugged bikes for transport. This is something that resonates especially well amongst our community. I hope to see many out there with me supporting this great cause.”

Riders will be awarded a limited edition Racing the Sun kit and ride on World Bicycle Relief’s signature Buffalo Bicycle – the world’s toughest bicycle, specially designed for the rough terrain of rural Africa. Riders will have the opportunity to purchase the limited edition kit ‘in real life’ which will be produced by CUORE of Switzerland.

Join Zwift, Saris, World Bicycle Relief, and the global cycling community to collectively celebrate The Power of Bicycles® and empower hundreds of students in their daily race against the sun. 

Join a Racing the Sun event on Zwift and donate to create lasting impact at:

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