Hi, my name is Scholastica. I’m 17 years old and I live in Kenya. I love learning, sports and helping people in need. On foot, I was racing the sun every day. Now, I reach school safe and ready for class. I even have time to study and help at home.

Hi, I’m Ruby Isaac from the UK. I’m 11 years old, play ping pong on my bike and dream of winning the Tour de France. This summer, I’m riding the epic Granfondo Stelvio Santini to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief. This is my daily race.

  • 4:15

    Rise & Shine

  • 4:30

    Make the Fire

  • 5:00

    Get ready for school

  • 6:30


    Rise & Shine

  • 7:45

    Leave for school

    Shower & Brush Teeth

  • 8:00

    Drop off cousins

    Eat Breakfast

  • 8:15

    Arrive at school on time

    Leave for School

  • 3:00

    Return home

  • 3:30

    Collect water

    Walk Home

  • 4:30

    Prepare dinner

    Ride My Bike

  • 5:15

    Wash clothes

  • 5:30


    Eat Dinner

  • 6:30

    Do Homework

  • 8:30

    Study until sleep

    Go to Sleep

  • 9:30

  • 10:30

With her bicycle, Scholastica has two extra hours each day to help at home, study and pursue her dreams. Ruby is riding to help more girls like Scholastica.

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