Second Annual Walk For Wheels Gains Traction


In this second annual Walk for Wheels, Maggie Elliott, 12, still hoped to get friends to gather and experience what it’s like to have to walk five miles to get somewhere, reflecting the daily life of many school children throughout the world. In an experiment in empathy, she had entrants walk five miles on a local trail, then picking up their bike and riding the return trip. She hoped they would see the difference that the Power of Bicycles can make.

With an affordable entry fee of $5 per participant, the event was well attended by kids and families alike and, with additional online donations, ultimately raised $1,500! Maggie designed and sold 25 t-shirts, all proceeds benefiting WBR, and provided noisemakers, posters and even homemade cookies at the finish line.

Maggie did an amazing job of getting the word out and amping it up from her inaugural event last year. One out of town donor so loved hearing Maggie’s story that she immediately cut a check for two Buffalo Bikes! Even amidst bad weather on the day of the event, people rallied to help out. Two of Maggie’s neighbors spent three hours clearing the trail so walkers and riders could pass through.

Maggie and her family deeply support the mission of World Bicycle Relief and believe that the experience of walking five miles can really change someone’s perspective. 

“Donating is actually easy…but unless you walk 5 miles…you don’t understand.”

Maggie and her family are already planning on their third annual event in 2016. Well done, Maggie and team, and thanks for your support!

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