SRAM Mechanics Ready Riders for Big Races, All for WBR


At the Breck Epic and the Leadville 100 MTB race this year, an amazing team of SRAM mechanics and tech reps made themselves available to service any bikes before the major races. Up before everyone else and working long into the evening after people had gone home, the crew of volunteer mechanics made these events a success for many people in so many ways.

Representatives for SRAM and WBR across the country, the mechanics treated everyone with respect and offered up their services to anyone, whether the cyclist ran SRAM components or not. With individuals stressed and nervous before racing, the team provided the perfect amount of fun light-heartedness at the start line, making others feel confident and ready to race. WBR team member Claire Geiger explains:

“The mechanics do everything from lube chains to replace parts, work on brakes, and get the bikes race ready. Instead of asking for anything in return, the mechanics encourage people to consider making a donation to World Bicycle Relief. At the same time, they help educate and inform racers and others about our work and our mechanic’s training program and the importance of these efforts in the field.” 


At the beginning of the Breck Epic, Doug ‰Û÷Double D’ Dalton got up and gave an impassioned speech about the Power of Bicycles. He shared that as mechanics, they didn’t need beer or whiskey as tips, that if people wanted to say thank you or show their appreciation for the work done by the SRAM mechanics, the best thing they could do would be to donate to World Bicycle Relief. That for $147, they could literally change a person’s world through the Power of Bicycles. Over the course of the two events, the team of mechanics raised enough funds for 30 Buffalo Bikes!

The mechanics and tech reps are able to have a wider reach with all their travel and their presence around the country. With cross season upon us, we’re excited for the next few months to continue to share our work at more races.

A huge thank you to Brad Iskiyan, Scott Haupert, Andy Jones, and Doug ‰Û÷Double D’ Dalton. Your hard work and commitment continue to inspire us. We are so fortunate to have your support and thank you for continuing to give back to World Bicycle Relief through your efforts.

These mechanics are helping others make a living as mechanics, too. Learn How >


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