Sufferlandria Knight Raises $1,300 from His Indoor Trainer


Terry Lazarou has a new take on cycling for a cause through the mythical country of Sufferlandria, in which thousands of cyclists participate in cycling on indoor trainers, but do so as a community.

Terry’s event to achieve a higher status in the online community consisted of cycling along to and following the on-screen instruction of ten cycling videos from The Sufferfest. The 45-65 minute videos must be completed in one sitting with only ten minutes of break time between each one and are considered in the cycling community to be extremely difficult to do. On completion of the challenge, the participant earns a Knighthood and certain privileges afforded in the online community of Sufferlandria. As part of this challenge, friends, family and the entire online community were asked to contribute to World Bicycle Relief, a charity that many Sufferlandrians support.

“The Sufferfest Knighthood, riding eleven hours on an indoor trainer, was one of the most mentally and physically draining challenges I’ve ever done. Having World Bicycle Relief as my charity of choice and the knowledge of the good work they do, gave me the mental resolve to succeed.”

Terry had a ton of support around him as he prepared and trained for this grueling event. While he rode, he had constant online support from other Sufferlandrians and a steady stream of water and homemade food from his wife who helped him get through the hours of riding. But doing it all for a great cause, knowing many had contributed in his name, gave him the final push. And to date, Terry has raised $1,300 for the Power of Bicycles, cycling right on past his $500 goal.

Well done, Sir Terry! Thanks for enduring to support WBR. 

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