Swiss Duo Inspires Dual Fundraisers


Last year, two of World Bicycle Relief Deutschland‘s top supporters, Anna & Mike Weyerhaeuser, joined WBR’s annual Africa Rides trip, visiting WBR staff and Buffalo bicycle recipients in Zambia. When they returned home, they were inspired to keep pedaling in support the work they had seen. 

Anna and Mike’s fundraising strategy was two-fold. First, they partnered with Year 6 students at the local St. George’s School for a series of exciting and inspiring activities. Next, they hosted a holiday party for the grown-ups. Here’s how they did it: 

At St. George’s school, students started their project by walking to school early one morning on empty stomachs with no one to help carry their bags. The students said that the experience was enlightening and inspired them to raise money for bicycles by…well, biking. The students decided to stage stationary bike races, and set a collaborative goal to bike the the distance equal to the circumference of Lac Leman (a.k.a. Lake Geneva). The students had already reached their goal, but the line of eager participants was still long, so they went for another round. With each student making a donation for their 5 minute biking spree, the group raised enough funds for six Buffalo bicycles (approximately $800 USD)! These stationary bike races were just the start of the student’s efforts. They plan to continue learning about the Power of Bicycles and raising funds throughout the school year.


On December 6, Anna & Mike held part two of their efforts and hosted a celebratory holiday party, featuring live music, food, drink and an art auction by local artists all to benefit WBR. They reached out to a diverse group of friends and family in their communities to participate and the result was an astounding 5,000 Euro ($6250 USD) raised for the Power of Bicycles! They called the event, One Bike – One Party as the price of entry provided one Buffalo bike in the field. 

A huge thank you to Anna & Mike, all who attended One Bike – One Party, and the students at St. George’s School! Keep pedaling for the Power of Bicycles!

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