Team World Bicycle Relief: Adam Saban

Adam Saban MT Evans

Team WBR welcomes Adam Saban! Adam is training hard to meet his goal for 2015 – to qualify for and race the Single Speed category in the 2016 U.S. Cyclocross National Championships which take place in January in Asheville, North Carolina.

In the meantime, he’s following the Chicago Cross Cup schedule and racing almost every weekend, this month hitting up the 2015 Trek CX Cup at the Trek HQ in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

Adam is racing for WBR because he wants to inspire others to be a part of providing life through the Power of Bicycles. 

“Cycling has drastically changed my life over the past few years and I want to use my continuing drive and motivation for success to achieve something greater than personal race results. I strongly believe that WBR is changing the world and I knew I had to get on board to help.”

Adam has been driven by competition for as long as he can remember, going all the way back to childhood. From staple school sports to 18 years of competitive golf to a brief dabbling in mountain biking, Adam has always been open and eager to pick up new sports and find physical success. After relocating to Chicago a few years ago, he decided to try out cycling, borrowing a friend’s road bike to give it a shot. He was hooked on his first ride, and not long later joined the cycling team at DePaul University when he enrolled in graduate school.

“Most people these days don’t even know about my extensive golf career, they just know me as the dude who loves cycling.”

Adam’s goal as a member of Team WBR is three-part: to get to the 2016 Cyclocross Nationals, to inspire everyone around him to appreciate life to the full, and to raise enough funds for 10 Buffalo Bikes ($1,470). 

Thanks for striving for the Power of Bicycles, Adam! Welcome to the team!

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