Team World Bicycle Relief: Danielle Maihofer

danielle maihofer team wbr

Team World Bicycle Relief welcomes triathlete Danielle Maihofer from Chicago! With a goal to raise $7,350 for the Power of Bicycles, Danielle has a challenging race schedule coming up this summer and is enthusiastic to share about World Bicycle Relief’s work along the way. 

Danielle first learned long distance riding when she joined in on WBR’s Wrigley Field Road Tour four years ago. Wanting to both get in shape and raise money for others, Danielle truly felt the Power of Bicycles, for those who WBR serves across the globe but also for herself. She loves that World Bicycle Relief approaches the problems of poverty in a unique way asking people what they need most and responding with something both simple and vital.

“I know how owning a bicycle improved my life dramatically and I can only imagine how it improves the lives of people who rely on transportation for basic needs. To be able to give someone that gift feels incredible.”

Danielle loves swimming at Montrose and Foster beach in Chicago, running the lakefront path, and biking in the Forest Preserve. She’ll kick off her race season this weekend with the Canyonlands Half Marathon, and then will race the Leon’s Triathlon (Olympic) in June and wrap up with her A race, the Grand Haven Tri in July. 

“Crossing the finish line for yourself is an incredible feeling, crossing the finish line knowing that you have given people mobility and increased their independence is priceless.”

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