Team World Bicycle Relief: Jeff Frizzell

jeff frizell team wbr

Team World Bicycle Relief welcomes cyclist Jeff Frizzell from Zionsville, Indiana. With a fundraising goal of $1,500, Jeff has a hefty race schedule for 2016 and he’s doing it all for the Power of Bicycles. 

Jeff wants to race for WBR because he gets inspired seeing lives changed and people empowered by the simple things that many of us take for granted.

“The Power of Bicycles means empowerment to me. I became empowered, independent, thoughtful. . . through riding a bike as a youth. It has truly shaped who I am today. I want to help others . . . become empowered in the same way with a bike as their medium.”

Jeff’s A race for the year is the Offroad Assault on Mt. Mitchell in July, but before and after he’ll race twelve other MTB and cyclocross events. His goals for the year? Stay safe, have fun, and build relationships as he shares about World Bicycle Relief’s work and reaches his fundraising goal. To him, it comes down to one thing:

“This year will be all about dirt . . . I hope to come out swinging.”

Good luck out there, Jeff, and welcome to the team!

Got a huge list of races coming up like Jeff? Or just one? Either way you can ride for WBR >


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