Team World Bicycle Relief: Jimmy Brady

james brady team wbr

Team World Bicycle Relief welcomes triathlete James (Jimmy) Brady of New York City. With a fundraising goal of $5,000, Jimmy’s 2016 race schedule makes for a long list, and he’s eager to ride as a member of Team WBR.

Jimmy is a firefighter in Brooklyn. At the firehouse where he works, local kids from the surrounding areas often bring their bikes in looking for someone to repair their beat up bicycles. Seeing the importance of transportation for these kids, Jimmy has started bringing in his old bikes to give to the neighborhood kids who need them to get to school. He can see the bicycles are beautiful and deeply impactful in so many lives.

“I see first hand what a bike means to these kids, how it can bring such joy to some that may not have any other joy in their lives.”

Jimmy’s A race for the year is the Ironman Lake Placid in July. Surrounding that race, he’s signed himself up for 16 other events, including swims, Gran Fondos, IRONMANs, and marathons! His training for these events brings him a lot of energy and relief from the stresses and trauma of serving as a firefighter. In addition to his commitment to the Power of Bicycles in his own life, in the kids around his station, and in the countries where WBR works, Jimmy is also deeply passionate about supporting First Responders and Military Servicemen who suffer from PTSD and has a website, Jimmy’s World, to support that cause. He’ll have them in mind, too, as he races this year and is ready for the challenge to share the Power of Bicycles to so many.

“I love training, racing and being involved in the cycling community. I love being an ambassador for the sport and I want to share my passion with others. I realize it’s more about the process and the journey than the actual finish line.”

Thanks for riding for WBR, Jimmy, and welcome to the team!

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