Team World Bicycle Relief: Sarah Barber


Team WBR welcomes Sarah Barber! We’ve already had the pleasure of introducing you to Sarah several times when she rode the Leadville 100 with WBR, and in the meantime shared a few crazy stories before and after the big race. But now she’s finally officially on the Team!

With her 2015 A-races already completed at the Leadville MTB and Boise half-IRONMAN, Sarah has already done a ton to give to World Bicycle Relief and spread the word. A road and mountain bike cyclist, triathlete and runner, Sarah had a heavy year competing all around where she lives in Boise, Idaho. Committed to prioritizing the fun and relational aspects of the competitions, Sarah did just that while meanwhile achieving amazing results. She got her 5K in the low-20 minute range and won her age group in her first half-IRONMAN. She competed at Leadville for the first time, completing the century race (that she points out was actually 103 miles!) in just over nine hours.

Sarah believes her sport is salvation, and so she is extra passionate about something like a bike changing lives. She goes for everything she does all or nothing, including her support of WBR.

“I absolutely LOVE the idea of bicycles improving peoples’ lives. Clearly, cycling makes my life better, but it’s for fitness, recreation, and reducing anxiety; for the people who benefit from WBR, their bikes help them meet true NEEDS healthcare, education, employment, etc. In the big picture, as important as my bike is to me, their bikes are WAY more important. I want to help people sustain themselves.”

Sarah loves training in the mountains of Idaho or the hills right out her back door. But with her favorite training partners alongside her dog, local running club and other close running and biking friends, Sarah can enjoy training almost anywhere.

Thanks for striving for the Power of Bicycles, Sarah! Welcome to the team!

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