Team World Bicycle Relief: Tommy Craig


Team WBR welcomes Triathlete Tommy Craig of Manahawkin, New Jersey. With a fundraising goal of $2,640 for 2016, Tommy’s top race for the year is the IRONMAN Atlantic City 70.3. In the meantime, he’ll run a handful of 5 and 10Ks, a half marathon and triathlons including the Jersey Genesis, Stafford Sprint, Shoreman 70.3 and the Belmar before culminating in the Ironman in September. Tommy will finish his racing year with the Survival of the Mills 7-stage triathlon.

Tommy is riding for WBR because he has a drive to help people, and through Team World Bicycle Relief, he can help people be doing something he loves. He is excited about the twofold aspect of working with WBR that he can help enable people to not only experience the joy of riding a bike, but to live better, more productive and enriching lives.

The experience of racing, being competitive and the atmosphere of triathlon are what draws Tommy to his sport.

“I have competed in many many sports throughout my life, and the community of triathlon is like no other. Whether it is training with a group, or racing at top level races, no where else do newbies, elites, pros, and everyday competitors get together in one environment and share so much.”

Tommy hopes to achieve a personal record at the 70.3 distance and work on World Champ qualifying and to get there, he’ll be training like crazy in and around his hometown with other triathletes. His favorite training spots include the quiet but viciously windy roads of the pinelands and mountain training in Vermont. 

“Riding a bicycle is one of the most freeing and enjoyable experiences one can take part in. Being able to share that feeling to others as well as providing them with opportunities for a better life, helping their communities, and furthering their education and experiences is one of the few things that can top it.”

Welcome to the Team, Tommy! Good luck in 2016.

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