‘The kindness of a stranger changed my life’

Aaron and Teddy from World Bicycle Relief on Vimeo.

Since arriving in North Stonington, Conn., a year ago, Zambian students Teddy and Aaron have been an inspiration to the people around them.

Winter benefit Teddy and Aaron

During the Chicago Winter Benefit in December, they continued to inspire by sharing their stories with those gathered to support World Bicycle Relief.

Teddy and Aaron started their journey at the Chikumbuso school in Lusaka, Zambia. Chikumbuso, a grassroots project supporting vulnerable women and children, provides schooling to more than 300 students at no cost. The community has worked with World Bicycle Relief since 2009 to give Buffalo Bicycles to its older students who must travel farther for secondary school.

For years, both Teddy and Aaron battled challenges including distance and poverty in order to attend the school. And, in the face of it all, they excelled.

A chance meeting with Chikumbuso supporter Sabrina Buehler at a book club and the gift of a Buffalo Bicycle created a special opportunity for both of them to attend Wheeler High School in Connecticut.

Now, Teddy and Aaron want to go on to college and then one day, give back to their community. Teddy hopes to help reform Zambia’s judicial system as a lawyer. And as a doctor, Aaron wants to aid the thousands of Zambians who suffer from curable eye diseases.

With access to a bicycle, thousands of other students like Aaron and Teddy can pursue their dreams.

Help more students transform their lives.

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