Ted’s Excellent Donut Adventure

A New Cannondale Bike, a Bike Ride with Ted King and Some Donuts.

You can win this!

As we gear up for the Leadville 100 MTB with our amazing team, we’ve got a few things on our mind including a disc-equipped Cannondale CAAD12 outfitted with SRAM and a bike ride with Ted King in search of Marin’s best donuts. Why do these pair so well together? This video can explain:

The CAAD12

Tearing through corners, accelerating like a rocket, and still stopping on a dime, Road Cycling UK said of this bike “A striking look…an amazingly spec’d beast.” The CAAD12 is ideal for anyone seeking an ultra high-performance alternative to carbon. The bike will be a SRAM equipped custom build on this frameset.

Why Cannondale? Why Disc Brakes?

From Ted King himself: I’m a fairly straight laced dude and like to follow the rules. But man oh man I’m glad to be retired so that I can now equip every Cannondale I own with disc brakes and not have the UCI barking down my neck! I’ve ridden the Synapse since retirement on which is made to crush cobbles as much as it is for an all day rip. Then recently I got my hands on the EVO disc and it’s such a dreamy steed I never want to let it go! Regardless the type of bike, disc brakes are here to stay.

The Ride with Ted

We’ll help pick a day that works well for both you and Ted. You’ll meet up in Marin for a ride in search of the count(r)y’s best donuts. We’ll provide travel reimbursement (up to USD $500) for the adventure. Ted lived as much of an austere life while racing as he does an indulgent one in retirement. Trust us: he has his donut establishments dialed!

The Donuts

After the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race Ted will need to fill his absence of training hours as much as he’ll need to replenish his depleted glycogen. A leisurely donut ride with frequent donut intake seems like a pretty good replacement hobby. Works for us! The hunt for the perfect maple glazed donut awaits!

The Support

As big supporters of World Bicycle Relief, Ted King, and donuts, the crew at inGamba Tours has signed on as the official support team for Ted’s Excellent Donut Adventure. The inGamba team car will collect the winner from the airport and ensure their bicycle is ready to roll. During the ride, the support team will help consume whatever quantity of donuts necessary to assure the day is a complete success.

How Do You Win?

Visit Ted’s fundraising page and make a donation: http://teamwbr.worldbicyclerelief.org/ted-king. Donations made now through August 13, 2016 are eligible for the contest. A winner will be selected and notified on Monday, August 15, 2016.

Each donation of $25 will give you one chance to win. For each donation of $147 – one bike – we’ll tack on three bonus chances.

Since it’s summer, we’ve done the math for you:

$25= one chance
$50= two chances
$75= three chances
$100= four chances, and so on.

$147= nine chances (six chances because we’re close to $150) plus three bonus, and so on.

We hope to see your name on Ted’s page and we can’t wait to see what donuts you’ll find in Marin!


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